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Asian Rhinoplasthy

Nose Types

Asian Rhinoplasty is its own category due to differences in Asian aesthetics and characteristic structure of the nose. Most often, Asian patients seek rhinoplasty to have a higher nose bridge and an overall more refined nose.

What are the common aesthetics complaints? ​

The common complaints are:

  1. lack of dorsal height and ill defined dorsal nasal aesthetic lines
  2. short nose
  3. Bulbous/ill defined tip
  4. Wide/hanging/thick alar

What are the distinguished structures of the Asian noses? ​

Asians typically have wider nasal bones, softer nasal cartilages, and thicker and tighter skin. These translate to wide and low dorsum, short nose, ill defined bulbous tip. These characteristics ought to be evaluated at the initial consultation and adjudged during surgery to attain the desired goals.